PLAYBALL in Junior Infants

Each year in Junior Infants, the children complete a course of Playball which in essence is the learning of fundamental movement skills incorporate with ball skills. Playball teaches kids the necessary motor gross/fine skills, for children to learn the basic life skills they will practice for the rest of their lives.

Playball is “outcome” based meaning that they are defined by what children require at a specific stage in their developmental level – all of our programs are thus age specific and align themselves with the sound educational principle of teaching children well within the boundaries of their age profile. Our programs for younger children are more focused on movement development – with a smaller ratio of sport skills, whereas programs for older children have a bigger ratio of sport skills and a smaller percentage of movement skills.

Playball sport coaches recognize that when coaching young children sport, it is not appropriate to teach physical skills in isolation. The emotional, social and cognitive development of the student has an equally important role to play when considering how the student is taught. A very important component of our teaching methodology, is to make the children aware about social skills, values and norms whilst developing their physical skills. This approach is educational and holistic, ensuring that the focus is on the development of the “whole child”. Our approach is a positive one – we believe that positive encouragement and giving the child an opportunity to experience success (however small) results in improved self-concept and confidence which in turn will improve competence.