Clara’s Junior Infants have been working hard in all aspects of their learning have a look at some of the things we have been up to.

January Aistear- The Doctor’s

The children have been working very hard learning all about community helpers with a focus on the work of the doctor. In the role play area they have been taking on the role of doctors, nurses, surgeons, receptionists, patients and even anaesthetists. They love dressing up in costumes and using all the medical equipment. For our small world area we had a hospital set up with a very busy emergency department. We also had fun constructing hospitals in the construction area, making various medical equipment using playdough, making x-rays in the art station and playing various literacy games all linked to the theme.

Maths Stations

In Junior Infants we endeavour to take an active approach to maths learning. We explored the topic of 3D shapes using a station teaching approach. The children got the opportunity to create real life examples of shapes using playdough, made constructions using 3D blocks, sorted shapes into different categories and made 3D shape patterns using beads.

February Aistear- The Restaurant

The theme of food has been very popular in Junior Infants. The children really expanded their understanding of the workings of a restaurant through our role play station. Mario’s Italian Restaurant is fulled booked everyday and is a hive of busy chefs, servers, customers, managers and delivery drivers. The children have enjoyed creating a bakery from lego, writing menus and shopping lists at our writing station, making tricky words out of pasta, making various healthy meals using playdough and creating a huge food pyramid using various food types. They have even enjoyed a teddy bear’s picnic at the small world area and explored food all around the world through various story books.

March learning- Spring and the Garden Centre

With the coming of spring Junior Infants have done so much work learning all about Spring. They went on a spring nature walk learned all seasonal changes in nature. A garden centre was set up in the classroom with the children busy planting seeds, mowing the grass, digging the soil, watering the plants and offering advice on gardening to the customers. The children made lego gardens, wrote garden centre shopping lists, constructed insects and flowers from playdough and explored the life cycle of the butterfly and frog.